Specifications & Documentation

Wireframes, User Flows and Project Deliverables

Mobile category page specs

Added the ability to add a product to your cart from the category page. Specs include new user flow and wireframes.

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Mobile add to cart specs

Based on user tests, updates were made to the add to cart user flow.

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Rewards program specs

Detailed specs with wireframes, user flow and final deliverables for 3rd party integration.

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Suggested stores specs

Feature request to cross sell stores within the Prep Sportswear platform that fit the users profile.

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Process Documents

Design process workflow

Along with one other team member, created design and development process flow.

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Business request document

Created first company-wide website initiative request document.

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Website A/B testing queue

Kept record of current, past and upcoming A/B tests.

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Conversion rate optimization checklist

Created and maintained list of website features and messaging ideas. Base checklist originally downloaded from Moz, then tailored to fit our needs.

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