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Amazon Fuse/Prime Video integration

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Studies to integrate Fuse flow into existing Prime Video set top box experience.

Overview content page

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Created responsive templates for Alaska Airlines powered by internal CMS.

Marketing content page

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Another template for Alaska Airlines that was created for an increased 'selling' angle for various products.

Payment page

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UX exploration for updates to billing and payment page for Alaska Airlines.

Mobile product detail page

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Overview of Prep Sportswear's adaptive product page.

Mobile category page

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Functionality of a single product on Prep Sportswear's product listing page.


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Personal project for creation of residential thermostat.

Thermostat studies

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Layout of visual design elements with overall functionality and navigation.


Amazon Fuse customer journey

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Mobile templates for suggested partner experience prior to creating Amazon account.

AT&T Channel lineup

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Design of DirecTV channel lineup on AT&T's consumer facing website (ATT.com).

AT&T account creation flow

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Design and exploration of AT&T's DTVNOW cart product.


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Completely custom shipping calendar was new feature created to improve customer experience around order dates and delivery.

Product page reviews

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UX, UI and visual design of customer reviews on Prep Sportswear.

Mini shopping cart

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Added cart view to existing billing page.

Prep Sportswear mobile

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Version one of mobile utilizing Bootstrap's mobile framework.

Product page

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Prep Sportswear's mobile product page.

Static content template

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Optional top-level overview page for Alaska Airlines. Performed user tests to confirm optimum layout.



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Initiated, ran and analyzed user tests for Prep Sportswear and Alaska Airlines.


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On-boarded and managed 3rd party A/B testing platform while at Prep Sportswear.

Crazy Egg

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Click-rate, heat map and scroll map data.


Reservations lookup

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Integration of 3rd party service for vacations reservation for Alaska Airlines.

Rewards program

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Integration of 3rd party for Prep Sportswear.

Shopping funnel

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Mobile customer user flow for Prep Sportswear.


Shipping & billing

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One page billing and payment page for Prep Sportswear. Utilized floating labels pattern for input fields, along with a scrollable floating order summary module.

Track orders

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Feature to lookup order without being signed in to your account.

Mobile payment

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Adaptive mobile version of Prep Sportswear's payment page.

Sign in page

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Responsive sign in and guest checkout page for Thrift Books. Utilized floating labels pattern for input fields.

Responsive payment page

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Thrift Books shipping and billing page.